Sunday, 1 November 2009

Out with the old well almost... American Boy

So now i will be starting my new job i was planning to title this entry as with the new. However i have spent most of my weekend chatting to somebody from my past 6 years ago to be exact!!!
I met my American boy in Spain summer 2003 my friend stole his sunglasses and we ended up chatting. He was very cool and we had a great conversation about music and politics and met up a few times whilst we were there. I had just broken up with my first love although i felt a strong attraction but i was not sure that he liked me. We got the same flight back to the UK and just as we went to say bye on the cheek we both went the wrong way and ended up a peck on the lips. I have never regretted anything more than not telling him how i liked him. Thanks to facebook we have been chatting on off and i still feel the same attraction that i felt when i first met him. He is hoping to come to the UK in Jan so fingers crossed. He is a talented and intelligent man and i have never been able to forget him. I love that he is so passionate about his trade and is using his talent to the full potential. Fingers crossed for me xxx

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Out with the old...

Tomorrow is my last day at work with the current team I have been with for over 2 years. I have some very close colleagues and friends and as it was my first job i have a strong affiliation to it. I am particularly feeling sad as the colleague i sit next has made the past few months has had such a positive impact on my life and i will miss her dearly. She has changed the way i look at situations and is such a good friend always listening to my trials and tribulations.
But it was time for a change so though i am feeling a little glum now i will celebrate tomorrow the good times i have had and thank the people that have helped me along the way. So now its out with the old....